Our Mission Statement

“Our objective is to always provide customized, high quality removable prosthetics for the dental community.Ralph K. Lira, CDT

Frequently Asked Questions

We highly recommend pre-scheduling each step with us to expedite its return. If we receive a case that has not been scheduled by us, we will place it on the next available day we have in our schedule. Dates on lab scripts that have not been confirmed by us are not guaranteed to be returned by that date.
Lab script! All cases must have a lab script accompanying it even if the doctor and technician have spoken by phone. This is the law in Texas and it is our best form of communication. Accurate model work/impressions and bite registrations! We can only work with what you send in so please check everything for accuracy before sending. Missing model work or inaccurate impressions will not only delay your case but also end up costing you more money as we will charge for the additional shipping costs.
Yes, but please try to include as much information as possible with the photo such as taking the picture with the shade tab if trying to verify shade. You can email photos to padl91@yahoo.com but please note on the lab script that you have emailed in case there is a delivery problem with the email.
The material we use for partial frames is Vitalium.
Yes, Precision Art Dental Lab is an Eclipse certified laboratory. The Eclipse material can be used for dentures, partial dentures and occlusal nightguards. It offers a very durable alternative to traditional acrylic such as Lucitone 199.
Artex; Sam III; Panadent; Whip Mix; Denar; Hanau
Immediately! For best results and accuracy, alginate impressions should be poured within 5 minutes of taking the impression.
Yes, we offer flexible partial dentures. We do not recommend them, however for long term use. Please call us if you have questions about using a flexible partial for your patient.
We use a variety of teeth including Portrait, Vita, Vita Physiodens, Ivoclar, Mondial, Premium, Artic and Kenson
No. Denture teeth are usually not customized in the same way as crowns. Denture teeth are manufactured in single shades. Please contact us before sending your case for special requests.
Please call us to discuss the best option for shipping. Within Texas, we typically use a regional courier, Lone Star Overnight. Fed Ex or UPS are used for offices outside of Texas. We usually serve our Denton offices ourselves. Shipping costs are included in our fees unless hot shots/same day services are required.